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  • How do you hire me?
    Email to let me know some basics about your needs. I’ll get back to you quickly to set up a call or video chat to work through details, timeline, and fees. I will then email an agreement and will being work upon your approval.
  • What contract terms do you prefer?
    I have a contract in place designed to accommodate our freelance business relationship, which I customize for each project and client.
  • Why hire a freelance consultant for your design firm?
    Workload at an interior design firms is rarely steady. Periods of intense work and overwhelming project deadlines are often separated by lulls, where marketing and searching out the next potential client is an equally stressful and time consuming task. In this project-based industry, it can be difficult for a company to forecast in a manner that allows full-time staff to match the variable demand. A freelancer can help make your business more nimble, productive, and profitable. Hire one to: Contract out time-consuming and repetitive tasks, along with services you do not have readily available in-house. Allow yourself and full-time staff to focus on client interactions and strategic project decisions. Help a smaller in-house team work effectively through temporary high demand. Avoid employment taxes, paid time off, health insurance costs, and other expenses of full-time employees that take money from your bottom line.
  • How do I pay you?
    I accept business check, but can make other arrangements if needed.
  • Do you charge by project or an hourly rate?
    I charge an hourly rate or flat fee per project based on the type of work requested.
  • What hours are you available to work?
    My office hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 9-5pm.
  • Why hire me?
    Local - I am available to meet remotely or in person anywhere in the greater Philadelphia area. Skilled - I have the experience needed to work effectively with residential design firms and individual designers: developing floor plans, sourcing furniture, updating finish schedules, etc. Relevant - I understand the nature of our industry - I know each day is unique and you may need different types of assistance to free you up for more important work. Flexible - I am available as needed - whether that is a few hours on one day or extensive help on a long-term project. Collaborative - I enjoy working with teams and am also confident managing tasks independently.
  • How quickly can you get started?
    Please contact me for availability. Depending on the nature of the work and my schedule, I can get started right away.
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